Therapeutic Art Life Coaching



 Do you want to improve health, reduce stress, and experience more joy, peace, and harmony?

Do you want to increase your creativity, intuition, or self-expression?

Therapeutic art is a powerful tool that you can use to unlock the power of your subconscious mind, allowing you to:

  • Release pain
  • Process emotions
  • Find clarity and meaning

Art has been used throughout human history to express the depths of human experience because our minds understand the abstract or symbols at a deeper level than language, and now you can add this ancient tool to your life.

I will  guide you to the psychology behind how and why art is such a powerful tool for improving wellbeing! You will also learn a variety of art therapy processes and exercises that you can use to help yourself with:

  • Improving  self-expression
  • Uncover and release outdated patterns
  • Heal past emotional pain
  • Tune into intuition
  • Explore your deepest dreams and desires

The therapeutic art life coaching process you will learn will include powerful ancient art designs for meditation and self-exploration, such as mandalas, as well as modern day artistic approaches for goal setting and manifestation, such as vision boards or dream boards or learning piano and general classical music therapeutic benefits.

Plus, you’ll receive other powerful processes, including journaling, guided meditation, and therapeutic art for stress reduction.

You’ll also learn supplemental psychology processes for helping you unlock the power of mind by:

  • Changing  thoughts and beliefs
  • Using affirmations to increase confidence
  • Using visualization to rewire the brain and transform your life

This is designed to be used with adults,kids or teens, but the powerful art therapy tools you will learn can be used with any age group. In fact, ANYONE can benefit from therapeutic art exercises—NO ARTISTIC ABILITY IS REQUIRED!

These processes can be used with:

  • One-on-one life coaching clients
  • Group life coaching programs
  • Facilitating workshops

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I am a certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach and Classically Trained Musician offering:

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