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Paul Landinez in Manhattan, NYC, Piano, Wellness Coach, Life Coach

 Small Holy Earth is my name's  english translation, I grew up in Cali, Colombia. 

Defined with the social term "Indigo Child" "Conscious Being"; at an early age i was already giving small public speeches about cosmic conscious, spiritual knowledge, and having  noticeable art creation talents like instrumental performance without any teacher's guidance. Eager to learn music professionally I attended the AMV Conservatory of Fine Arts majoring in classical flute and piano. At the age of 15  I played the Vivaldi concerto RV 435 for flute and orchestra. I composed several classical music pieces and sold oil paintings by my authorship. besides that, at a very young age I was able to be a Substitute piano teacher in this Conservatory and The Palmira City Cultural House.


 I traveled to Florida, USA in 2009 proceeding along  with a master's suggestion of pursuing a career expansion internationally because of my creativity, talent, and good performance. Suddenly I got the opportunity to play multiple music recitals for elder care retirement homes in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Plantation, Pembroke Pines, Aventura Mall, etc. Later on I moved to New York and studied at The Performing Arts Conservatory of New York, having the chance to collaborate at the spring recital and teach piano. 

After this, I found myself inspired to create what I named "Chopin Showcase" which was all about a performance selection of Chopin pieces and displaying  two oil painting portraits by me.  I showcased it at some public libraries such as (Passaic,  Clifton,   Ossining) and played small chamber pieces at Consulate General of Poland in NYC and Polish Cultural Foundation School  in New Jersey, and I ended up staying in North Jersey.

 Occasionally I collaborated with The Hispanic Digital News Long Island al Dia  and SIPEA NYC (The Ibero-american Society of Poets,Writers, and Artists of NYC) Anniversary venues. 

My working occupation has been as a private piano teacher for people of all ages and music performer with 12 years of experience and doing therapeutic wellness coaching to make people feel better (The list of practices are detailed in wellness coaching tab), between other occupations (Interesting fact).

Finally, after being tested with several life situations, physically I found one form of my spiritual master in India His Holiness The Avatar Paramhamsa Nityananda Paramasivam who initiated me into Different Shaktis, Powerful Cognitions, and Yoga through the Science of Inner Awakening offered by Nithyananda University.

Nowadays, I got a  Therapeutic art life coach Certification CDP and practice Wellness Coaching through "personal blogging"  focused on enriching people with general cosmic universal knowledge of life's wellness, (music,painting,yoga,Ayurveda between other physical-spiritual wellness therapeutic art life coaching)  through social media, website and YouTube; because I know that somehow raising the sentient beings consciousness this way is achieving a respectful environment between them and a positive contribution to save the world from  devastating happenings. I hope things will be Okay.

As mission: 

When you enrich others you enrich yourself

and when you enrich yourself you serve the world!


Life Wellness

 For a World filled with more Wellness! 

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