Paul Landinez

Hello and Welcome to my Personal Website!

Paul Landinez

Hello and Welcome to my Personal Website!

Get to know me!

Get to know me!

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About Me

my bio

I grew up in Cali, Colombia; attended the AMV Conservatory of Fine Arts  learning classical  piano and flute,Then, I traveled to USA Florida  to pursue my studies and artistic career, suddenly i got the opportunity to play multiple music recitals for elder care retirement homes and  then i decided to work in the "Chopin Project" which was all about Chopin pieces  and i played a selection of its music at the public libraries so i ended up staying in  north jersey, Spanish and English are languages i speak. My working occupation has been as a private piano teacher and music performer for  eight  years until now,between other occupations (Interesting fact); love that!  I have composed several pieces of classical music and sold oil paintings by me . This website  is centered as a Personal Site with seasons of my Professional Work. It is because the personal-spiritual evolution is a main Life's base and existence,priority,it is a powerful cognition.

My Hobbies and Occupation

When I'm not at work, I really love to swim and kayak in a lake, take selfies or modeling, which i enjoy, i do oil paintings (  wanna get a painting from me? Text me for a quote) and ride bike,go to the gym and doing Yoga. When the weather is nice, I go to hike so I can pursue my passion for nature photography and Consciousness. Another one is making YouTube videos about different things, subscribe to the channel.

I am into making scented candles and doing therapies related to: Completion Process "Healing" (Evolving Inner Self "Inner awakening") and  aroma therapy  essential oils, that's another hobby i enjoy, i will blog about it.  (If you want a Therapy Session Contact me)

I Like recording my Music performances, please go to "Recordings" in my website to enjoy listening the music.

My Favorite Things

I love sunny beautiful  days because i get the chance to enjoy the nature and the forest at its best. My favorite color is royal blue and light pink because it reminds me of the balance and contrast in life! Even though I live on the city now,  Country is one of the best places to visit. I feel myself as a  spiritual and naturist  oriented, I love Nature and the goodness of people, i am into good music (Bach,Telemann,Albinoni,Debussy,Faure, Chopin, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff) and art in general. I like stars, wood scents, harmony, Harp.

I am  Vegetarian, favorite to me is Banana,Carrots, Avocado, Potatoes, Strawberry,Rice,Pasta, Pistachios, Thai Tea,Fruits Juice and soups, Rice and Beans.

My favorite Clothes come from a tank top to Fancy Suits.

My taste for animals are: Dog (Husky, Labrador) Horse, Elephant, Bunny, Angel Fish, Eagle, Humming bird,Cow, Peacock.